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Electric kettle problems and solution

Electric kettle

Electric kettle is a electric device which is using to heat water / tea / coffee .On market two types of kettle now .

Types of kettle  

There are two types of kettle in market now.
  • Immersion Element Type Kettle.
  • Separate Element Type Kettle.
electric kettle problem and solution
Electric kettle problems and solution

Electric kettle problems and solution


  1. Supply cord connected , Switch on kettle not working.
  2. When trying to switch on fuse firing.
  3. Kettle body shocking.
  4. Kettle heat control not working.
  5. Kettle base broken.
  6. Heating element fired.
  7. Connected point sparking.

Supply cord connected , Switch on kettle not working.


  1. Fuse fired .
  2. Circuit breaker trip .
  3. Plug not connected with cable of kettle.
  4. Supply cord problem.
  5. Switch connection  problem.
  6. Heating element terminal problem.
  7. Heating element fired.


  1. Change the fuse.
  2. On the circuit breaker.
  3. Repair plug connection
  4. Change the supply contact.
  5. Repair connection of switch .
  6. Repair connection of heating element terminal.
  7. Change the heating element.

When trying to switch on fuse firing.


  1. Heating element short circuit 
  2. Supply cord short circuit.


  1. Make the short free circuit or change the heating element..
  2. Change the supply cord.

Kettle body shocking.


  1. Parts of heating element some how touched the body .
  2. Terminal connector or housing broken then connected with body .


  1.  If any parts of heating element connected with body repair there  or change the heating element.
  2.   Change the heating element connector  if need then change the housing.

 Kettle heat control not working.


    1.            Thermostat problem.
    2.            Heat control switch problem.


  1. Change the thermostat .
  2. Change the heat control switch.

Kettle base broken.


    1. For kettle fall or outside heat it can be broken.
    2.  For long time use.


  • Change the base of electric kettle.


    Heating element fired. 


    • For long time used or some thing like water or any thing fallen on heating element.

  •                  Change the heating element.

Connected point sparking.


  • Loose connection .
  • Connector place dirty.


  • Reopen connection and re connect.




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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Akai tv circuit diagrams

Sharing akai tv circuit diagrams. Some popular model akai tv circuit diagram.
Akai is a popular band in television world.
Popular model is AkaiCT2570 Circuit diagram    CT2870 Circuit diagram   AKAI  AM-2250  Circuit diagram  AT-2250  circuit diagram.AKAI AA-1115 1125 SM. All of this circuit is SMPS.
We help you to learn electronics.In our blog you can get also how to repair any thing. Mini Project of electronics and electrical.

akai tv am-2250 and at-2250 circuit diagram
Akai tv AM-2250 and

AKAI AA 1115 AND 1125SM Circuit Diagram
AKAI AA 1115 AND 1125SM Circuit Diagram
Please download this image of circuit diagram then watch you will get a clear circuit diagram.
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Friday, 27 November 2015

Electronics door bell circuit diagram

Sharing electronic door bell circuit diagram.You can make a mini project with this door bell .
This electronic door bell is very simple to make.  you can make this electronics musical door bell on home.

Electronic door bell circuit diagram

Electronics door bell circuit diagram

                            Electronic door bell circuit diagram

Needs to make electronic door bell circuit

  • 3volt battery.
  • Resistance 1  was 1k .
  • Switch  push to on.
  • S1 is on-off switch.
  • Ic1  8021-2 
  • T1 BC548 OR C8050
  •  T2 BC557 OR C8550
  • Capacitor 10 micro farad 12 volt.
Connect like this diagram and make your project on home.
This is really good musical electronic door bell .

Connect the battery with attention . Wrong connection can fired your circuit .  All points connect goodly with soldering iron and soldering lead.


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Electic iron repair problem and solution

Types of electric iron

There are two types of electric iron 
  • General electric iron.
  • Automatic electric iron.
Electric iron picture. 
Electric iron
Electric iron

Types of automatic electric iron .

  • Automatic electric iron.
  • Automatic electric stream iron.

Structure of  a simple electric iron  

Electric iron structure
Electric iron structure

  • Sole plate.
  • Heating element.
  • Pressure plate.
  • Hood assembly.
  • Supply cord.

 Problem Cause and Solution to repair your electric iron

Problem 1

***Electric iron not heating . 

Causes 1 :
  •  Iron have no connection .
  • Connection fault between terminal point and element.
  •  Fault on plug , may be wire disconnected from plug.
  • Heating element may be broken .
  • Automatic iron's thermostatic switch may be not working.
 Solution 1 :
  • Check the supply cord with test lamp .
  • Check the continuity with test lamp , if need you can open the cover and check the heating element.
  • Check the plug cover it's connected with wire or not.
  • Open the cover of your iron and remove the pressure plate ,check fault with test lamp , if need change the heating element.
  • Check the thermostat repair it or change it.
Problem 2    
When touching body of electric iron it's shocking. 
Causes 2 :
  • Part of heating element may be touched the pressure plate or sole plate.
  • Terminal post or connector may be broken and touched body.
  • Plug earth wire can be touched the Phase.
Solution 2 
  •  Check with test lamp get fault and repair it.
  • If you got any part of element touched with pressure plate or sole plate just remove it and reconnect .
Problem 3 
 When turning on the switch fuse firing instantly .
Causes 3
  • Short on heating element.
  • Phase and neutral may be connected on plug.
  • Supply cord have short .
Solution 3  
  • Change the heating element.
  • Check the plug and repair.
  • Change the supply cord.
Problem 4 
 Heating element firing quickly . 
Causes 4 
  •  Screw not tight goodly . 
  •  Tight screw very twisty . 
Pilot Led not lighting ? 
Causes :
  • Pilot lamp fuse .
  • Pilot lamp disconnected.
  • Change the pilot lamp of your iron .
  • Repair connection between pilot lamp .

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Circuit Diagram Of A Mosquito Swatter / Mosquito Racket

This is a mosquito  racket which  is looking such as playing racket. But it's really a mosquito killer racket.
Some of my electronics worker friend asked me to give a mosquito racket circuit.
So i am uploading here in my blog. This circuit diagram of a mosquito killer/swatter is very helpful .

Simple circuit diagram to know how mosquito swatter works?

how mosquit swatter works?
How mosquito swatter works ?

This is a simple diagram which showing how mosquito swatter/ Mosquito racket works ?
For descriptive circuit diagram of mosquito racket check bellow.

Mosquito swatter step up transformer

mosquito swatter transformer
Mosquito rackets Transformer

S1-F2 - Primary have 3t 0.4mm ENCU
S2-F2 Primary have 3t 0.4mm ENCU
S3-F3 Secondary have 360t 0.25mm ENCU

Actually this is a step up transformer which is supplying a high voltage .It's converting voltage dc to ac.

Descriptive Circuit diagram of a mosquito killer or mosquito swatter

mosquito swatter circuit diagram
Circuit diagram of a mosquito racket bat

This is a full circuit diagram of a mosquito racket bat . All capacitor diode transistor switch battery.
I think this is very helpful circuit diagram.
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Monday, 23 November 2015

how to fix a heater ?

Electric Heater Problems  

  • Supply cord connected , When trying to switch ON heater is not working.
  • Fuse firing when trying to switch ON.
  • Heater's body shocking.
  • Heater heating level out of control.
  • Base plate broken of heater.
  • Heating element wasted.
  • Connected point sparking.

Table Heater
Table Heater

Room Heater
Room Heater

Immersion heater
Immersion heater

Electric heater problems,cause and solution .


  • Supply cord connected switch is also ON but heater is not working.


  • Fuse fired.
  • Circuit breaker trip.
  • Plug is not connected with socket twisty .
  • Switch disconnected.
  • Heating element terminal disconnected.
  • Heating element short circuit.

  • Change the fuse.
  • On the circuit breaker again.
  • Check the socket contact with plug.
  • Check supply cord it can be dropped or short.
  • Check the connection with switch.
  • Change the heating element.

  • Fuse firing when trying to switch ON.
  • Heating element short circuit.
  • Supply cord short circuit.

  • Change the heating element. Or try to find the short.
  • Change the supply cord or try to find the short.

  • Heater's body shocking. 

  • Heating element  touched the metallic body of your heater.

  • Find the place where it's connected with metallic body.
  • Heater's heating out of control .

  • Thermostat problem. 
  • Heat control rotary switch fault.
  •  Change the thermostat .
  • Change the heat control rotary switch.

  • Base plate broken.

  • For outside hit it can be break .
  • Over heat or long time used.

  •  Change the heater base plate.

  • Heating element fired.
  • For long time use .
  • Some thing like water,milk,soup can be fall on heating element.
  • Change the heating element or repair heating element.

  • Connected point sparking 
  • Connected point loose.
  • Something doing problem to connect properly such as piece of wood,piece of cloths or some water like that.
  • Open the connection and clean.Then connect again .cf

Sunday, 22 November 2015

dryer not heating?get solution

My Hair Dryer Is Not Heating Your Solution Is Here. 

Electric hair dryer is a domestic appliance which is drying your hair.But your hair dryer is not heating it's a problem. You can get solution here in my electrical blog.

Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer

Structure of electric hair dryer  

  • Switch 
  • Handle 
  • Body
  • Air filter
  • Safety net
  • Motor 
  • Fan
  • Heating Element
  • Supply Cord

Necessary Points Of Hair Dryer   


On qualified hair dryer companies using many types of switch .

  • Cool shot switch   - This is a push switch when you push switch once it will on .
  • Heat switch    -  This is a sliding switch .
  • Speed switch - This is a sliding switch also.

Problems Of Hair Dryer :

  • Supply cord is connected . When i am switching hair dryer is not running.
  • When trying to on switch on fuse instant fusing.
  • It's not working when switching one time i need two or three times to run hair dryer.
  • When hair dryer running it's sparking.
  • Hair dryer heating but no air .
  • Hair dryer is not heating but air coming out.

Solution of hair dryer : 

  • Supply cord is connected . When i am switching hair dryer is not running   
Solution :

Change the supply cord may be problem on supply cord.Check your supply cord . Check the ON/OFF switch.
  • When trying to on switch on fuse instant fusing.
 Solution :
May be short circuit on  power cord and check also the heater coil.

  •  It's not working when switching one time i need two or three times to run hair dryer.
 Solution :
Loose connection on the switch . Change the switch.

  •  When hair dryer running it's sparking.
 Solution :
 Loose connection between heating coil .  Open this coil and clean .
  • Hair dryer heating but no air .

     Solution :
     Your heater coil is okay . But your fan is not working . Change the fan. Or if you have an extra switch for fan . Check the fan switch. Short the switch check then it is working or not . If yes then change the fan switch . 

    It is a very common problem of hair dryer .

    Hair dryer is not heating but air coming out.



    Problem of  the heating coil.Please check the coil. Hair you can get a heating coil which have a gap in coil.Check the coil and fill the gap and connect this coil twisty.If it work then it's good .
    If not work then change the heating coil . 
    Hair dryer coil
    Hair Dryer Heating Coil
    Heating Coil Fault
    Heating Coil Fault

types of relay

What is Relay ?

Relay is a automatic electronics components which is inserted on circuit breaker and power circuit.
If relay found any problems on circuit ,Relay gives helps circuit breaker to close the power of circuit.
That's why we called circuit breaker  security of power.

types of relay
Types of relay

Types Of Relay

There are many types of relay

I am describing types of relay

Structure basis types of relay 

  • Electromagnetic Type relay
  • Electro-Dynamometer Type Relay
  • Induction type relay
  • Electronic type relay
  • Thermal Type Relay
  • Polarized Type
Work basis types of relay

  • Current Relay
  • Voltage Relay
  • Power Relay
  • Frequency Relay
  • Phase Unbalance Relay
  • Power Factor Relay
  • Impedance Relay
Timing Types of relay
  • Instantaneous Relay
  • Definite Time Relay
  • Inverse Type Current Definite Minimum Time Lag Relay


Use of relay 

  • To rescue from short circuit of transmission and distribution .
  • To get rescue from transformer overload .
  • To get rescue from generator overload.
  • Low voltage problem .
  • High voltage problem.
  • Power factor Problem.

Friday, 20 November 2015

how to make an audio amplifier ?

Learning How to make an audio amplifier . This is a qualified audio amplifier circuits .
I will discuss here step by step you can get all this elements on your near electronics market so it's too simple .Let's start.

how to make an audio amplifier ?

Step 1  :  Collect some elements to make this audio amplifier .

  • 12V-0-12V 3A Or  3000MA Transformer .
  • Electrolyte capacitor 35V 3300mfd.
  • Rectifier Diode 1N4007 2 pieces. 
  • LA4508 audio circuit board.
  • Base tone control circuit with 4 volumes.

Now look at the picture bellow given.And connect like this i have linked.

12v transformer
12v transformer

Electrolyte capacitor 35V 3300mfd.
Electrolyte capacitor 35V 3300mfd.

Diode 1N4007
Diode 1N4007

LA4508 audio amplifier circuits
LA4508 audio amplifier circuits

Base tone control circuit
Base tone control circuit with 4 volumes.

Step 2 

Make Ct connect of rectifier diode . Capacitor have two legs  one is positive and one is negative . which side have - sign mean negative sign this leg is negative. Now others one is positive.
Make a connection between rectifier diode and capacitor . Positive capacitors leg with diode positive leg.

Now connect with Transformer.
transformer connection
Connecting transformer

transformer connection

Step 3 

Have a look on LA4508 audio amplifier circuit
Inside two sign IN OR INPUT with two points.Near there also out or speaker two points. 12V+ - two signs points find out them .

Now connect positive wire which come from capacitor connect it on 12v + . and also connect negative on - .If you are not able to find them please connect with 25V 2200mfd  capacitors  + and - .
Now connect a 6 inch or 8 inch speaker to this speaker or out points. Now supply 220 Volt Ac  on transformer.Now touch on Ic's leg if you got a sound then your circuit is ok if not then your circuit is dead.
Now check out on LA4508 audio amplifier circuit  here also have 4 points for Input . In or input sign.
Connect 4 wires on this points. Check two negative option come from circuits . Connect this two negative wires twisted .

Step 4
Have a look on  Base tone control circuit with 4 volumes.Here also + 12V- Input And Output .
Take 4 wires from input points.Here also you will get 2 negative wire connect this 2 wire twisty .
Now you can look here have 3 wires now.On this three wire connect a stereo pin .
Have a look on output here also 4 wires connect two negative wire now 3 wires.
Now from LA4508 audio amplifier circuit  input option connect with base tone input option .
Supply 12 volt on this tone base circuit .Connect any speaker on output points .


12v battery charger circuit you can make it.

12v battery charger circuit

I will share  12v battery charger circuit / 9v battery charger circuit  ,  6 V battery charger circuit.
You can make this on home . It's very simple to make 12v battery charger circuits.We are helping you to learn basic electronics .

Needs to make 12v battery charger circuit

  • Step down transfer 12v  
  • D piece diode 1N4007


Circuit to make 12v battery charger circuit 

This is a hand art circuit  so if you fetch any problem just knock me on comments.
12v battery charger circuit
12v battery charger circuit

Extension  you can also use a  electrolyte capacitor for quick charge   

25 volt 1000 micro farad .

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Lg TV Circuit Diagram

Welcome to Our  Electronics Blog

Lg TV Circuit Diagram

I will share some lg tv circuit diagram here . Most popular lg tv circuit is LG CF20F - SCHEMATIC ,   LG CB775BN ,TV set LG PC 53A . So we are sharing the diagram of this all circuits .

Lg TV is a most popular brand TV in many country. When some one  searching for lg TV circuit diagram just ask me in comments i will try to manage.

Diagram of lg CRT TV 

lg tv circuit diagram
Lg crt tv circuit diagrams

 This is a perfect diagrams of lg crt tv . You can download this picture . And repair lg televisions.

 Goldstar pc-53a chassis Diagram 

 Goldstar pc-53a chassis Diagram

                                                                Goldstar pc-53a chassis Diagram

Lg cb775bn Circuit diagrams.

Lg cb775bn Circuit diagrams.

Lg cb775bn Circuit diagrams.


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Bridge Rectifier Circuit | What Is Rectifier Circuit ?

Learn Bridge Rectifier Circuit | What is rectifier circuit ?

What is rectifier ?

Rectifier is a electronics component. Which is converting power  AC (Alternative Current ) to  DC   (Direct Current). Basically we are using diode as a rectifier . Rectifier mainly using the diode to make follow current in only one direction .Bridge rectifier circuit is bellow given.

Types of rectifier 

They are two types of rectifier circuit .One is Half wave rectifier circuit   second is full wave rectifier circuit/bridge rectifier circuit.

Half wave rectifier circuit 

This is very simple rectifier circuit . We are using single diode to make this type rectifier circuit.
As output getting just half cycle of wave  and efficiency is half. Voltage is too high  and it's easy to make cheap also.

Half wave rectifier circuit diagram
Half wave rectifier circuit diagram
Half wave rectifier circuits
Half wave rectifier circuits

Full wave rectifier circuit / Bridge rectifier circuits

This is very useful circuit and making with  2 or 4 diodes usually . Getting a full cycle of wave . And full
efficiency.It's also called  bridge rectifier circuit . In this circuit voltage is low but frequency is good.

Bridge rectifier circuit
Bridge rectifier circuit

Bridge rectifier circuits
Bridge rectifier circuit

There are many types of diode in market but most common diode is 1N4007
And also on bridge rectifier circuits we are using a electrolytic capacitors .
25V and 1000 Micro Fer-rad. 

Uses of rectifier

Rectifier is a very useful electronics project. And we are using this one on every electronics circuit such as on mobile charger, Laptop charger, hand torch light charging sector On every power circuit in electronics we are just using rectifier .

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Star Delta Connection Diagram and Star Delta Starter Wiring Diagram

On this lesson learning about ,

3 phase induction motor star delta connection and showing star delta connection diagram

Star Delta Starter Wiring Diagram

Star delta connection is a program of 3 phase induction motors.

On there in this post i show you

Star Delta Starter Wiring Diagram and Star Delta Connection Diagram

So no waiting uploading the diagram there.

star connection diagram
Star connection diagram

Star connection looking like as Y .

delta motor connection diagram
delta motor connection diagram

star delta connection diagram
star delta connection diagram

Thank you stay with us to know more electronics tutorial.

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We will help you to learn electronics quickly from our this blog. Read Care fully!!!!

We will help you to learn electronics quickly from our this blog. So don't wait follow our blog.

We will not take a benefit also from you .. It's free really we want to just help you about electrical and electronics.I am a electrical engineer and worked on electronics and electrical.

So i want to help you about electronics learning and electrical learning. 


Why i have to learn electronics? 

Electronics is a very useful and  important subject on real life.Learn electronics for your own necessary work on your real life.You will not asked for a payment.This is free totally free learning about electronics and bonus is electric.Don't wait follow our blog. We will post electric diagram,electronics diagram , Simple electronics parts information , To make simple electronics project ,Don't wait follow us .. Our Blog 

Learn electrical and electronics.

Very easy to learn electronics , because you can learn it from home.

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How to check a electric capacitor | Is your capacitor in good position or dead .

Hey  sharing

How to check a electric capacitor | Is your capacitor in good position or dead .


Mainly a capacitor have two legs.Electric capacitor using on fan and  motor.
Some times your fan or motor running on low speed . Then you have to check first the capacitor.
The capacitor is dead or good .
Some capacitors
Some capacitors

testing capacitor
Electric capacitor testing

Then how can you check your capacitor ?

Mainly you need a series tester .First collect series connection.Or you can make a series connection also with a Bulb series with a 2 pin socket. Then supply power on this series board.Now connect capacitor with
2pin socket.And hold it for 10 second then remove capacitor and shot this 2pin of capacitor with wire .
It's will make a spark . If this spark is too noisy then your capacitor is okay . If low spark 
then your capacitor dead .You have to change this capacitor.There are many type of capacitor usually we are using on fan . 2.5uF / 3.5uF .

Thank you for reading my post.

Electronics Basics | Electrical Basics

Thursday, 5 November 2015

How to make a decorating light?

Making a decorator light

Decorating light is a type of light.
Which is using  to decorate any home office room  and any celebration center.
It's very good elements to calibrate Christmas,Halloween,Eid,Puja Etc.

How it made?

Mainly it made by some LED (Light Emitting Diod) . Some series connection  added some led statistically .
You can get LED on any electronics shop. Added statistically 150 to 200 LED.

Let's make decorating light.

Need's to make decorating light

  • Resistance R1 = 27 KiloOhms 
  • Resistance R2 = 27 KilloOhms
  • Polarist Capacitor C1 = 100uF 10V
  • Polarist Capacitor C2 = 100uF 10V 
  • Non Polarist Capacitor C3 = 203 or 104.
  • Transistor Q1 = 9014
  • Transistor Q2 = 9014
  • 6 Piece red led 6 piece blue or any color LED .
  • House wearing plastic channel .

Connect the circuit like as this diagram i have gave bellow.

Diagram to make decorating light
Diagram to make decorating light

Set Led on plastic channel like as bellow photo . And  set all led as 1 Inch far from other led.

Connect all LED like as bellow photo

Led Connecting to make decorating light
Led Connecting to make decorating light

Connect all Led you can use 12 Piece or 20 piece led for better.

Connecting all led to make decorating light
Connecting all LED

Now connect on circuit 6 Volt to 9 Volt.
Check your bulb is lighting.

Electronics Basics | Electrical Basics

How to make a low battery indicator circuit ?

On this lesson i am going to share how to

Make a  low battery indicator circuit

Low battery voltage indicator is a very simple electronics devices.With this you will get signal that your battery having with low charge.This low battery indicator circuit is too simple to make.
Needs some elements only to make this indicator circuit.You will get this all elements on near electronics market and this all elements is too much low rates.I gave there a good diagram to make this circuit easily.

  • You will get a signal when battery is low.You can directly measure the level of 12 volt battery
How to make a low battery voltage indicator circuit

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Some tools of electric you must need to work and use of them.

Lesson  of learning some tools of electric 

On this lesson you will learn about some electric tools.
And use of  screw driver,soldering iron,pliers,nose pliers,electric tester.

Electric Tester :

This is a electrical tools which is mainly using to to test present of electricity.
Suppose you are solving a problem of your light.How you will know here current present or not ?
In this case you must need a electric tester to know electricity presented there or not.
There are many tester in electric market now.You can get easily on any market.
To check a electric tester you should connect it with line/phase and its led will on.
If not then electricity is not present there.
Electric Tester

Screw Driver :

Screw driver is a electric tools which is is mainly using to tight a screw .
There are many types of screw driver .But mostly we are using Star type screw driver and Flat type screw driver.You can buy this tools from any electric market.

Star screw driver

Flat screw driver

Ball peen hammer :

Ball peen hammer is a electric tools.Which is using for hitting something . Like plugin of a screw on wall.
There are many types of ball pin hammer. some ball pin hammer is big on size .Some ball peen hammer two small.You can get it on any electric market.
Ball Peen Hammer

Pliers : 

Pliers is also a electric tools.Which is using actually Alternative of hand.Like as a electric wire you can't touch with hand .There you should used this pliers.
There are three types of pliers .  Nose Pliers,Flat Pliers,Cutting Pliers.
Flat and Nose pliers mostly used to joint wire and remove cover.
Cutting pliers actually used to cut anything like as wire and pin .Many size of pliers available on market.
Nose Pliers


Soldering Iron :

Soldering Iron is a electric and electronics tools also.This tools is using to solder any joint.And at any connection.This is making a joint very hard.Simply you need some soldering lid to use soldering iron.
 It's very useful tools  on electric and electronics circuits.
NB : be aware about this tools this tools is getting too heated take it away from children.

Soldering Iron

Electronics Basics | Electrical Basics