Sunday, 10 April 2016

Electric ceiling fan repairing and circuit diagram.

Electric ceiling  fan repairing 

Basically all knows that about ceiling fan . Ceiling fan power 220Volt  And 60-80 Watt ).
There are many cause to stopped your fan working .
I am describing some common reason down.But now follow bellow given circuit diagram of a electric ceiling fan. It may help you.

Circuit diagram of electric ceiling fan 

Electric fan circuit to repair
Electric Fan Circuit 

On above picture P = Phase/Line and N= Neutral .Not positive and negative.

Speed down problem on ceiling fan.

Basically this is a problem of your fan capacitor. You can change the capacitor . No need to call any 
technician or any other's man come on man this is the time to be change. It's 3rd generation not 1st/2nd.Check your capacitor it may be 2.5/3.5 uf (Micro Ferade  ).
If 2.5 uf then buy new one 2.5 uf capacitor and change with old one .If 3.5 uf then buy new one and change with old one.

Ceiling fan  totally not working

It's may happens from your coil .In that case you have to repair this coil or fully rebind your coil .

Ceiling fan noising ? 
It's may happens for bearing problem . Change the bearing. But check first which one bearing is noising there are two bearings.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Led Blink with two transistor

Led blinking circuit .

Need to make led blink :

C828 Transistor 2 piece.
68K resistor
10M capacitor

Diagram led blinking with two transistor :

C828 Transistor blinking circuit

Led blink circuit diagram

Friday, 22 January 2016

Just bought a dell kb-8220 usb keyboard.

I bought today a keyboard of dell model number KB-8220 usb keyboard.
It was just awesome.Soft and typing speed was super really .
 dell kb-8220 usb keyboard
 dell kb-8220 usb keyboard

  • keyboard PS/2interface ,easy to use and fast 
  • supported on windows 95/98/xp/vista/windows7/windows8/windows10
  •  104 key standard keyboard.comfortable and easy.
  • 21 water holes under.cover to prevent water-leakage preventation
  • Supported on mac also .. 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Table fan regulator problem and solution


How to solve regulator problem .

Every table fan have a regulator to increase or decrease fan speed.Some times it not working as expected.
It's a great problem of table fan. You don't need any technician to solve it. You can solve it yourself.
Ok let's describe about table fan regulator solution.

Table fan regulator
Table fan regulator
Open the marked regulator / actually it is a rotary type switch. Take some patrol and brush it with toothbrush. Don't use your tooth brush which you are currently using :P LOL.Brush it and reset check i think your miss fault problem will be ok .

NB :: Check all wire fast which one connected with which terminal .Then re connect it . thank you for reading my post stay connected for more.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Electrical maintenance services

Electrical Machine Maintenance 

Basically electrical machine maintenance mean how to maintenance electrical machine.?
I learned it when i was reading on technical training center,electrical machine maintenance  (EMM) was a trade (Subject).I will share some maintenance work here in my blog.

Electrical Machine Maintenance
Electrical Machine Maintenance

What is electrical  machine maintenance  ?

electrical maintenance is mainly upkeep and regularly preservation of  electrical machine.Suppose an electrician works on building,residential,industry etc ,he have to maintenance  every tools and electric equipment like as circuit breaker connected freshly with connection. Electric circuit checking , electric motor connection circuit check switch check.Supply source load connecting is the main work of maintenance also.

If any equipment of electrical he found it's dead he have to change it.
Regularly check the voltage and amp. And running all machine on safe .
So it's the main work of a electricians
Electrical machine maintenance.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

How fluorescent bulb saving energy?

i will share

how fluorescent bulb saving energy and incandescent bulb wasting your energy.

Basically incandescent bulb made with a filament. Which is making
like a short circuit between phase and neutral. When phase and neutral
connecting it's lighting .
That's why it is taking too much energy this is really waste of energy.
It's a electrical bulb.

Fluorescent bulb benefits
Fluorescent bulb benefits

Fluorescent bulb benefit

fluorescent bulb lighting with a electronics circuit . This circuit
converting phase and neutral as a 15 watt or 23 watt (depends on bulb
power) power.And it's supplying on bulbt filament.And this bulb fully
made with gas so it's flashing like as high powered bulb. so use
fluorescent bulb and save your electrical energy save your money.
It's a electronics bulb.
23 watt fluorescent bulb = 100 watt incandescent bulb .so you are wasting
about 4.34% energy. So save your energy.use fluorescent bulb save
your money.

Thank you.

Why you should do a life insurance??

There i will share a experience about

life insurance benefits and why you should make a life insurance.

Life insurance for safety
Life insurance for safety

Life insurance have a other name it's called life assurance .

Definitely an insured person have to pay a single amount every month
(depend on contract) for a premium.
If any time insured person death .His/her family will get full payment
as contracted.And the insured person can withdraw his money any time
also can get a big loan from bank if he/she fall on any difficult
illness.For your family security for your security i think you should
make a life insurance .

But one things you should verify always before deposit.The insurance
company profile.Check it again and again. Choose trust able insurance company
then make deposit to insurance.
Thank you

Friday, 1 January 2016

How to decorate your flower vase with home made Led neckless

Ashique here, hope you are well.
Are you thinking to make anything different ? 

I made a flower vase lighting with home made LED (light emitting diode) neckless.

decorate flower vase with led
Led decorated flower vase

How to make LED neckless?

Take some useless flexible wire .
Take 120 pieces LED (12 different color) each color 10 pieces.
Make a series connection with all LED.
Mean 1st LED's positive leg connect with 2nd LED's negative leg.Step
by step connect all Led . Long leg is positive. After make full series
connection of all LED.
Take 1 a 1 watt diode and connect with last led's positive leg.
You have to must check that diode's positive side connected with
positive legs of LED . Then other led's side negative connect with a
10k resistance . And no supply 220 volt ac.It will light.
Now decorate your flower vase with this LED neckless . All led
decorate in every flower and lief. And check on night it will look
like as heaven.
Thank you for reading our post stay connected for more.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Diy LED projects decorate your home with nice lighting

How are you today ?
Hope you are well .
I will share today a

Electronics project decorate your home with nice lighting

With awesome looking.

Diy led projects
Diy led projects

Need to make this lighting

  • 16 volt 1 am Ac transformer.
  • Steel wire 14 feet .
  • Long wire for connection.
  • 240 LED  12 colors . (20 red ,20 blue,20 orange,20 yellow,20 green,20 white,20pink) etc etc.

Let's make a led projects

 Make a mild steel wire like as this one picture . 
14 feet long 1/8" diameter i used this one you can use another .
The wire is wound into a spiral.
Led diy project
Spiral wire

Now connect all light with wire like as  1st one positive next one negative .Like as series connection .Led long leg positive and small leg negative.Solder all LED tightly .

you can follow the picture bellow given.

Led connection
Led Connection

After making full connection make  necklace with this mild steel .
Follow bellow given image.

240 led necklace
240 led necklace

Now connect this all with a 16 volt 1 amp transformer ac .
Positive negative is not a fact in this connection .

Follow bellow given picture
No need to connect after 15 LED segments . Just connnect on first positive and negative.
Connect transformer

At last  hung it with ceiling fan hook .
And check it how nice .
follow picture bellow given ,
I used all white LED you can use 240 picture 12 color . each color 20 pieces randomly
It will look as great.

Diy led projects
Diy led projects

Friday, 25 December 2015

2 Things that you don't know about google you will enjoy sure!!!!

Do you know about google games? 

You know about dxball games.Many people like this games .But you don't know google have this games also.Go to .
Search on images with atari breakout  and see this is amazing games.
So what are you waiting for check this one right now.

atari breakout google
Google Games

Do you want to see old interface of google in 1998 ?

This is amazing you don't want to see old interface of google on 1998 ?
I think many people interested to see this one.So don't wait check this old interface right now.

Google old interface on 1998
Google old interface on 1998